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Pahelo Vegetable Curry

Brown sliced onion then stir through Zest Pahelo Marinade. Add mixture of root vegetables, fresh tomatoes and stock. Simmer. Throw in some greens. Add splash of cream or yogurt, fresh coriander leaf and chopped chilli.

Sublime Fish/Tofu & Coconut Curry

Whisk 3 tbls Zest Sublime Marinade with 2/3 tin coconut cream, add fish and set aside for 30 minutes.

Lightly cook thinkly sliced sweet potato, add fish marinade, green beans. Cook through.

Pahelo Chicken/Tofu

Sprinkle Zest Pahelo Spice Blend on chicken or tofu, then pan fry or bake.

Sublime Pilaf Rice

Mix Zest Sublime Spice Blend into rice before cooking.