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Zest Flavour Range provides you with the ticket to a genuine gourmet adventure. Your senses will be delighted when you create superb roasts, finger licking BBQs, slow cooked delights, stunning stir fries and mouth watering curries with these perfectly balanced blends. Although we can suggest many directions to travel with our beautiful blends, we encourage you to discover your own culinary path.

‘Simple, elegant packaging and amazing flavours’

Ling Qian AGFG Public Relations

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Moroccan – Paprika, Fennel and Coriander

Moroccan : Zest Byron Bay : Spice Pastes & Spice BlendsThis rich combination has flavours of Morocco and will give your mealtime an inspiring lift.

  • Brush on a chop
  • Stir through couscous
  • Sprinkle on top roasting vegies
  • Flavour slow cooked dishes
  • For recipe inspiration click here

Sri Lankan – Turmeric, Fenugreek and Black Peppercorns

Sri Lankan : Zest Byron Bay : Spice Pastes & Spice BlendsA healthy blend of spices with a Sri Lankan quality, this fusion will delight your senses.

  • Blend with coconut cream and simmer with seafood
  • Jazz up soups in a pinch
  • Liven up kebabs
  • Create fantastic dressings
  • For recipe inspiration click here

Indian – Coriander, Turmeric and Cumin seeds

Indian : Zest Byron Bay : Spice Pastes & Spice BlendsThis smooth union of Indian spices creates a dynamic connection with any ingredient it’s combined with

  • Add zing to fish pie
  • Infuse corn fritter mix before cooking
  • Braise chicken for an aromatic delight
  • Give potato salad interest
  • For recipe inspiration click here

Nepalese – Cinnamon, Cardamon and Cloves

Indian : Zest Byron Bay : Spice Pastes & Spice BlendsThis earthy and unique blend will leave the taste buds wanting more.

  • Add depth to pulses
  • Spice up desserts
  • Shake over salmon
  • Perfect to flavour goat
  • For recipe inspiration click here

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Yellow Curry NEW!

Inspired by the Thai Classic, the Zest Yellow Curry is the perfect addition to the delicious Zest range.

Like all Zest products, it’s vegan and free from gluten and added sugar.
This mild, family friendly blend is guaranteed to be another best seller.

Fresh Turmeric, Ginger, Galangal, Lemongrass, Garlic, Kaffir Lime Leaves & the best quality dry spices are balanced
perfectly in the Zest Byron Bay kitchen.

We love to eat it with tofu or chicken and veg, over rice noodles with a sprinkling of fried onion and chopped fresh coriander.

Butter Chicken

Create this classic Indian style curry from our easy to use recipe base. Our hand made blend is balanced to give perfect results every time. Follow the instructions on the back of the satchel with the addition of a few pantry items and in less than half an hour your taste buds will be jubilant. With 1kg of chicken, the recipe serves 4-6 people.

Rogan Josh

Try our special Zest Rogan Josh blend for a hit at the dinner table. This harmonious mix will turn 1kg of lamb, beef or your preferred protein into a satisfying meal for 4-6 people. Whether entertaining guests or cooking for the family and simplicity is your aim, Zest Rogan Josh is delicious. When you’re wondering what’s for dinner, simply reach for the Zest.

Kerala Blend

This deep yellow curry base is inspired by the spicy, sour tastes of Southern India. Using fresh green chillies, tamarind, turmeric and curry leaves, this rich balance of flavours marries perfectly with seafood. Medium

Vindaloo Blend

For those who prefer a little more kick at meal time, Zest Vindaloo Blend will satisfy every time. Flavoured with red chilli and the mouth-watering, background flavours of cardamom, cloves and garlic. Medium – hot

Rendang Blend

A sumptuous and authentic flavour of Indonesia. We use fresh lemongrass, galangal, ginger and tamarind to create our latest addition to the Recipe Base Range. To make this fantastic curry, just follow the recipe on the back of the packet and in 2 hours you’ll have an amazing dish that will become a family ritual. Medium

Massaman Blend

Zest Byron Bay has created it’s own interpretation which favour the bright aromats of fresh galangal and lemongrass with the deep pungency of clove, cinnamon and cardamom. The curry is typically made with chicken but can be made with beef, duck, tofu or vegetables. Zest Byron Bay invites you to take the NEW Massaman Blend home and be part of its popular journey. Mild – medium

Zest products have made my life so much easier! I have my own small business as a private chef and food manufacturer and so my life is always hectic. I first used Zest Moroccan Spice to coat a whole snapper for the barbie as I had run out of time to make my own marinade, absolutely delicious!!! Zest products are so easy to use, so convenient, and so tasty! I now use Zest sauces, spice mixes and pastes all of the time! An essential for the pantry!

Fiona Balsarini, Owner ‘Miss Sweet Chilli’, Byron Bay

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  • Gluten, sugar and dairy free products
  • Made by hand to ensure quality
  • Perfectly balanced spice blends for easy cooking
  • Complete recipe bases for fabulous family meals
  • Tasty marinades for the BBQ
  • Brilliant for vegetarians and vegans
  • Take the stress out of entertaining
  • Enhance your existing culinary repertoire
  • Exchange suggested recipe spices with Zest flavours
  • Not much in the pantry? Zest will bring it together
  • Tried and tested recipe ideas
  • Easy ordering online